Murphytown United Methodist Church

A Note From Pastor Mary:

    Welcome to Murphytown United Methodist Church's website. When we gather on Sundays and other times of study and fellowship, we gather as a family. For some of us here at Murphytown that is physically true. However, spiritually that is true for all of us. God through his son, Jesus Christ has brought us together as the family of God. We believe that family is important, especially a church family that learns and grows through prayer, study, and worship. Also one that has fun together. However,  we also believe that it is important to have a church family that reaches out to those searching and to those in need. If you do not have a church family - a place where you can grow in the word of God; a place where you can learn what it means to live your life as a follower of Christ and a place where you can be loved and supported - then I invite you to come to Murphytown United Methodist Church.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Mary Zimmer